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* Neostox is solely for educational purpose to practice in stocks market. Price feed is delayed by 15 minutes.
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1000+ Contests hosted for Educational Instititions

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Some of the institutes who ran contests on Neostox recently

IIM Bangalore hosted their contest on Neostox Virtual trading platform
IIM Bodh Gaya hosted their contest on Neostox Virtual trading platform
IIT Rourkee hosted their contest on Neostox Virtual trading platform
Indian School of Business, Hyderabad hosted their contest on Neostox Virtual trading platform Indian School of Business, Hyderabad
NMIMS Mumbai hosted their contest on Neostox Virtual trading platform
Sriram College of Commerce, New Dehli hosted their contest on Neostox Virtual trading platform Sriram College of Commerce, New Delhi

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Why Paper Trading Should Be Your First Step Before You Invest Real

Tempting as it may be to dive headfirst into the exciting world of stock trading, seasoned investors and newbies alike agree: paper trading is your secret weapon for success. Before risking your hard-earned cash, put your skills to the test in a risk-free virtual trading environment. Think of it as a training ground where you can learn, experiment, and build confidence without losing a single penny.
Master the Mechanics
Discipline Your Emotions
Fine-Tune Your Techniques
Build Confidence and Momentum
But why is paper trading so crucial? Let's break it down:
1. Master the Mechanics
  • Trading Platforms: Familiarize yourself with the interface, order types, and charting tools. A free virtual trading app like yours is the perfect playground to navigate the platform with ease before transitioning to the real deal.
  • Basic Trading Strategies: Test out classic strategies like moving averages or breakout patterns without the fear of real-world consequences. Paper trading websites offer a simulated marketplace, allowing you to see how your strategies react to real-time market fluctuations.
2. Discipline Your Emotions:
  • Conquer FOMO: Witnessing a stock skyrocket can trigger impulsive buying. Paper trading online lets you analyze the situation rationally, learning to avoid emotional investment decisions.
  • Embrace Losses: Every trader experiences pullbacks. In a paper trading simulator, losses are just learning opportunities, helping you develop emotional resilience and stick to your trading plan.
3. Fine-Tune Your Techniques:
  • Backtesting Strategies: Apply historical data to your chosen strategies in a free virtual trading app, evaluating their effectiveness before deploying them in the real market.
  • Risk Management: Practice using stop-loss orders and position sizing techniques to limit potential losses in a safe environment. Paper trading platforms let you tweak your risk management parameters without real-world repercussions.
4. Build Confidence and Momentum:
  • Track Your Progress: Monitor your virtual trades to identify strengths and weaknesses, gradually building confidence in your abilities. Paper trading allows you to celebrate successful trades and analyze failed ones, learning from each experience.
  • Develop a Winning Mindset: Witnessing consistent virtual profits, even small ones, fosters a positive trading mindset, preparing you for the psychological challenges of real-world trading.
Remember, paper trading is not just about avoiding losses; it's about gaining invaluable experience before venturing into the live market. So, don't underestimate the power of a free paper trading app. It's your stepping stone to confident, successful trading – a journey that begins with virtual trades and leads to real-world profits.
Invest in your future today. Start paper trading, hone your skills, and unlock your trading potential!
Why paper trading should be first step

Practice is Pivotal in Trading: Minimize Risk, Maximise Skills

Trading is an Art and Science
Just like any skilled profession, successful trading requires practice and experience. It's a journey of continuous learning and strategy refinement.
Cost of Learning
Gaining real-world trading experience comes with financial risk. Many aspiring traders lose money in the process of learning, which is a significant barrier.
Risk-Free Practice
Neostox offers a unique solution – a virtual trading platform where you can practice with real-time market data without risking a single rupee.
Build Confidence
Trade with up to ₹1 Crore in virtual money, allowing you to experiment and learn in a real-market environment without the fear of financial loss.
Become an Expert
Our platform is designed to help traders at all levels – from beginners to seasoned professionals – to hone their strategies and improve their market acumen.
Learn, Analyze, Trade, Repeat
With advanced AI analytics and a suite of trading tools, Neostox empowers you to practice, analyze your strategies, and refine your trading decisions.

Traders Practicing, Learning and Loving us

What our users say about us

IIM Bangalore hosted their contest on Neostox Virtual trading platform

Creating Smart & Profitable Traders

  • Trade with virtual money upto Rs. 1 Crore
  • Trading environment with near real-time tick-by-tick price data
  • Trade equities, futures and options
  • Smart tools and analytics to help you every step of the way
  • Basket Orders, Hedge Trading, Options Chain, Screeners and much more
  • Easy to use platform to help you learn faster
  • Test Your Strategies in Real-Market with Virtual Money
  • No Fear of Losing Money

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, Neostox is absolutely free to use and practice.

Yes. You will get INR 10 Lacs virtual money at the time of registration and you can top up any time.

Market Orders, Limit Orders, and stop-limit orders are available. You can place Intraday and regular orders. All intraday orders are automatically squared off at the end of the day.

Yes, you will get the real-time experience as our platform executes orders based on actual Offer and Bid prices running in the live market. Only the money that you would use is virtual.

Yes, the data feed is real.

You can top up to Rs. 1 crore as many times as you want.

Yes, you can set stop loss and target prices easily. You can set the target or stop loss both as a percentage and a fixed number.

To give you real-time experience, we use the actual calculation to show you the margin required for placing buy and sell orders. The platform will alert you if you don't have the required margin to place an order.

All equities, futures, options, and commodities are available for trading.

Dashboard, Account summary of current day and last 30 days, a day-wise summary of last 180 days along with detailed report downloadable in excel format.

Neostox, the real stocks, options and futures trading experience with virtual money.

With Neostox, you can try all your strategies and become more experienced trader without risking your money.

Live Market, Virtual Money

Discover risk-free trading with Neostox's virtual trading platform. Experience real market scenarios and hone your skills with our comprehensive paper trading tools. Read More..

Hedge Trading

Explore advanced hedge trading strategies on Neostox and master risk management. Learn and execute sophisticated hedging techniques with our comprehensive, real-time trading platform. Read More..

Advanced Basket Orders

Master complex strategies with Neostox's Advanced Basket Orders. Efficiently manage multiple securities in one order with our innovative trading platform. Read More..

Live Reports with Day Wise Summary

Enhance your trading decisions with Neostox's Live Trading Reports. Gain real-time insights and comprehensive analysis of your day-to-day trading performance. Read More..

Pre-built Options Strategies

Streamline your options trading with Neostox's Pre-Built Strategies, offering a range of automated, customizable approaches for all levels of traders. Read More..

Neo Screener

Unlock market insights with Neostox's NeoScreener, an AI-powered tool offering comprehensive analysis across equities, options, and futures. Read More..

Options Analyzer

Enhance your options trading with Neostox's Options Analyzer, offering predictive analytics and real-time data for strategic decision-making. Read More..

Options Chain

Unlock advanced trading strategies with Neostox’s Advanced Options Chain, featuring real-time data and market analysis for informed options trading. Read More..

Stocks Screener

Navigate the stock market with ease using Neostox's Stocks Screener, providing real-time insights on top gainers and losers for strategic trading. Read More..

Industry/Sector Screener

Unlock in-depth industry and sector trends with Neostox's Industry/Sector Screener. Make informed trades with our comprehensive, real-time market analysis tool. Read More..

Index Screener

Step into the realm of advanced market analysis with Neostox – where data, strategy, and market indices insights converge to enhance your trading experience. Read More..

AI Options Trader

Maximize your options trading with Neostox's AI Powered Options Trader, offering smart, AI-driven strategies and real-time decision support in just a few clicks. Read More..

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Extremely easy to use with real time tracking of Profit/Loss.
Excellent features to help you trade easily in any segment you like.

Extremely easy to use with real time tracking of Profit/Loss.
Excellent features to help you trade easily in any segment you like.