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Understanding Neoscreener on Neostox
Unveiling NeoScreener: The Revolutionary Market Scanner

Neostox presents NeoScreener, an AI-powered market analysis tool that revolutionizes how you interact with the financial markets. Scanning over 10,000+ tradable instruments, NeoScreener offers real-time stock screener capabilities, providing you with immediate insights and comprehensive market data.

Real-Time Stock Screener for Equity Analysis

Track Equity Gainers and Losers Instantly

Stay ahead in the equity market with NeoScreener. Our real-time market insights into equity gainers and losers set us apart. With AI-based Demand/Supply calculations, you get detailed information on volume, LTP (last traded price), bid and ask prices, spread, and industry sectors, all updated live for the most accurate market picture.

Comprehensive Options Trading Insights

Navigate the Options Market with Precision

NeoScreener is your go-to options market screener, offering an in-depth look at options gainers and losers. Enhanced with AI-driven analytics, our screener displays essential details like volume, LTP, bid/ask prices, and spread. Unique to Neostox, we cover all equity and index options, providing a level of analysis unmatched by other platforms.

Futures Market Analysis at Your Fingertips

Futures Trading Analysis Made Easy

Gain an edge in futures trading with NeoScreener's detailed AI-based Demand/Supply calculations. This futures market screener delivers vital information, including volume, LTP, bid/ask prices, and spread. Whether it’s Nifty50, BankNifty, or FinNifty futures, our screener ensures you have the comprehensive data you need.

Customizable and Targeted Market Analysis

Filter and Focus on What Matters to You

NeoScreener offers tailored filtering, allowing you to focus on specific market segments like Nifty50, BankNifty, and FinNifty. This customizable feature provides targeted analysis, enhancing your strategy with focused insights.

NeoScreener: A Leader in Financial Market Scanners

What makes NeoScreener stand out is its breadth and depth. While other platforms provide basic stock market analysis tools, NeoScreener brings a new dimension with its comprehensive market scanner functionality, combining real-time data and AI-enhanced analytics across equities, options, and futures.

Your Comprehensive Market Analysis Partner

NeoScreener by Neostox is more than just a financial market scanner; it's a gateway to informed trading decisions. With its user-friendly interface and powerful features, it's suitable for both seasoned traders and those new to the market.

Transform your trading with NeoScreener on Neostox – the ultimate tool for real-time market analysis and strategy development.

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Extremely easy to use with real time tracking of Profit/Loss.
Excellent features to help you trade easily in any segment you like.

Extremely easy to use with real time tracking of Profit/Loss.
Excellent features to help you trade easily in any segment you like.