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Neostox, the real stocks, options and futures trading experience with virtual money.

With Neostox, you can try all your strategies and become more experienced trader without risking your money.

Live Market, Virtual Money

Discover risk-free trading with Neostox's virtual trading platform. Experience real market scenarios and hone your skills with our comprehensive paper trading tools. Read More..

Hedge Trading

Explore advanced hedge trading strategies on Neostox and master risk management. Learn and execute sophisticated hedging techniques with our comprehensive, real-time trading platform. Read More..

Advanced Basket Orders

Master complex strategies with Neostox's Advanced Basket Orders. Efficiently manage multiple securities in one order with our innovative trading platform. Read More..

Live Reports with Day Wise Summary

Enhance your trading decisions with Neostox's Live Trading Reports. Gain real-time insights and comprehensive analysis of your day-to-day trading performance. Read More..

Pre-built Options Strategies

Streamline your options trading with Neostox's Pre-Built Strategies, offering a range of automated, customizable approaches for all levels of traders. Read More..

Neo Screener

Unlock market insights with Neostox's NeoScreener, an AI-powered tool offering comprehensive analysis across equities, options, and futures. Read More..

Options Analyzer

Enhance your options trading with Neostox's Options Analyzer, offering predictive analytics and real-time data for strategic decision-making. Read More..

Options Chain

Unlock advanced trading strategies with Neostox’s Advanced Options Chain, featuring real-time data and market analysis for informed options trading. Read More..

Stocks Screener

Navigate the stock market with ease using Neostox's Stocks Screener, providing real-time insights on top gainers and losers for strategic trading. Read More..

Industry/Sector Screener

Unlock in-depth industry and sector trends with Neostox's Industry/Sector Screener. Make informed trades with our comprehensive, real-time market analysis tool. Read More..

Index Screener

Step into the realm of advanced market analysis with Neostox – where data, strategy, and market indices insights converge to enhance your trading experience. Read More..

AI Options Trader

Maximize your options trading with Neostox's AI Powered Options Trader, offering smart, AI-driven strategies and real-time decision support in just a few clicks. Read More..

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