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Trade like a professional in Neostox. Neostox works as your assistant to help you take decisions faster with ease.
Designed and developed by stock trading veterans to help you analyze markets, gain insights, and trade faster for profitable trading.

All Equities/Futures/Options Are Available To Trade

You can search and add equities/futures/options of your choice and add them to your watchlist and then trade easily with buy/sell options.

Real-Time Market Feed

The market feed is real (second by second). It is because of this all the P/L, taxes, and fees are displayed in real-time while the trades are active. No other platform shows these.


Measure Your Progress

You can view the progress as how many trades were successful, went to stoploss. All order type are available for you. Check out our auto-limit orders feature here.

Auto-Limit Orders

A unique feature where you can set the target price (in percentage) and the time you want to wait. For e.g. you can create a limit order by setting the entry price 1% below the current running LTP and wait for 10 minutes.


AI Based Options Trader

If you are trading in options, finding the best options in terms of their volume or spread is a daunting task. With Options trader, you just buy/sell and the rest will be done by the AI working in the background.

Powerful Options Analyzer

If you are trading in options, the Options analyzer will give you the real-time market movement of options of the selected index/equity.


Index/Equity Analyzer

If you like to analyze the indices or the equities which are market movers/shakers, this tool is designed to help you do the analysis to gain in-sights.

  • Indices available are Nifty 50/ Nifty 100/ Nifty Midcap 50 / Nifty Midcap 100 / Bank Nifty
  • View the segments under these indices.
  • Performance of segments along with their weightage.
  • Drill down to view the equities under each segment to view their performance.

Dashboard/Daywise Summary/Detailed Report

Real-time display of dashboard containing the number of trades, taxes, fee, gross and net profit. Dashboard to help you analyze your performance.

  • View current day summary in real-time. Helps you analyze your performance.
  • View last 30 days summary.
  • View a day-wise summary with a quick snapshot of a number of trades, and P/L for each day of the last 180 days.


Neostox, the real stock trading experience with virtual money.

With Neostox, you can try all your strategies and become more experienced trader.

Tick by Tick Feed

Almost Real time market feed of all Equities/Options/Futures

Live Market, Virtual Money

Real trading experience of live market with virtual money

Hedge Trading

A full-fledged hedge trading platform that even shows the information related to hedged positions.

Basket Orders

Create your baskets and execute them manually or set triggers using an algorithm. Execute baskets in Isolation or combined mode.

Live Reports with Day Wise Summary

No need to wait for the next day for reports. Watch live performance report with a day-wise summary.

Pre-built Strategies

All industry standard options strategies pre built for you. Point, click, load and execute strategy.

Neo Screener

It scans the entire market and shows you the gainers/losers/trending equities, options and futures on one page. Quick to find and easy to trade!

Options Analyzer

Shows the top 20 options of any index or equity. Sort them on volume, OI or LTP. One click trading!

Options Chain

Advanced Options Chain showing highest volume, highest OI and PCR of volume and OI.

Equities Screener

Shows equities along with their gains and losses under an index or all across.

Index Screener

Shows the movement of Indices

AI Options Trader

AI based options trader to pick up the best option to trade at any time.

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