How it Works

Neostox is a simple, interactive, and intelligent platform where you can trade equities, futures, options in real-time with virtual money.
Neostox Virtual trading platform - How it works

How it Works ?

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Login using your mobile number and access pin.

How to start at Neostox Virtual trading platform

Search Instruments

Search equities/Futures/Options

Ease of trading at Neostox Virtual trading platform

Start Trading

Easy to trade exactly like real trading with full/hedge margins.

Equities/Futures/Options Neostox Virtual trading platform

Choose Equities/Futures/Options Of Your Choice

Search for equities/futures/options/commodities of your choice and add them to your watchlist. View charts and initiate buy/sell trade with a click of a button. An intelligent search engine to find the intruments faster even if you dont know the exact name.

How to place order at Neostox Virtual trading platform

Placing An Order Is Easy

Click on Buy/Sell, make your selection, and hit the trade button. All your preferences are automatically saved so that you don't have to make selections again. Set your stop-loss, and target profit easily as a percentage or a fixed amount.

Neostox Virtual trading platform Register Free

Choose How Much You Want To Invest

Setting the amount to invest is extremely easy. No calculators, no lotsize-based calculator required. Just enter the amount or percentage of your virtual capital to invest and Neostox will automatically do the calculation for you.

unique auto calculation feature at Neostox Virtual trading platform

Auto/Fixed Calculation Of Quantity

Calculation of quantity is time-consuming (especially in options). Just select auto calculate quantity and Neostox will automatically calculate the quantity for you. Less hassle and faster trading.

Market order placement at Neostox virtual trading platform

Placing A Market Order

When you place a market order, the system reads the order book (in real time) and executes the order (virtually) as per the bid/offer price running in the live market. This is what happens in real time as well.

multiple trade trigger points at Neostox Virtual trading platform

Set Trade Trigger Points

With our innovative stop-limit orders, you can set the trigger to enter into the trade by tracking the instrument price or its parent price. For e.g. execute a buy trade when Nifty50 crosses a certain mark. This feature is only available in Neostox.

Neostox, the real stocks, options and futures trading experience with virtual money.

With Neostox, you can try all your strategies and become more experienced trader without risking your money.

Live Market, Virtual Money

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Hedge Trading

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Advanced Basket Orders

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Live Reports with Day Wise Summary

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Pre-built Options Strategies

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Neo Screener

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Options Analyzer

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Options Chain

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Stocks Screener

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Industry/Sector Screener

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Index Screener

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AI Options Trader

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